Licence Surface Award Date Licence Ownership
WEEM Block 2 996km2 2006 Triumph Energy Group 20%
Aminex Petroleum Egypt Ltd80%

  • The West Esh el Mellaha-2 PSA (‘WEEM-2’) covers 996 km2 in the onshore Gulf of Suez region.
  • Main prospects are covered by 3D seismic.
  • Three wells were drilled in a first period, fulfilling the licence obligation. The third well, South Malak-1, tested limited quantities of oil from Matullah and Eocene Dolomite sands but has not been completed for commercial production.
  • The partners have now extended the PSA into a second period with a two well obligation.
  • Aminex is free-carried through to commercial production with a beneficial interest of 10%, through a shareholding in Aminex Petroleum Egypt Ltd.
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